9th Annual Festival of the Moving Image

December 04 only

9th annual Festival of the Moving Image

The 9th Annual Festival of the Moving Image highlights emerging talent from City College of San Francisco’s Cinema, Visual Media Design and Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Departments in a combined festival program featuring film, video and animation. Join us in supporting student film!

The Dot by John Emerson
Elon Tusk by Max Landman
Navigating an Interdimensional Bathysphere by Karen Fabec
Caution to Young Magicians by Xinru Luan
IDTV Bumper by Patrick Craig
Move Your Body by Jason Fuges
Realistic Estate by Ala Taha
Bad Boss by Joseph Nelson, Jung Fitzpatrick and Sophia Alexander
From Radio City to /r/city: The Forgotten History of 420 Taylor Street by Lou Kipilman
Libre by Laura Batistich
About Rams Food Market by Desiree Perea
The Mortal Coil Cafe by Veronica Voss-McComber
Good Advice by Jay Cox
George by Jenny Usi
With All Our Troubles by Chuck Nicklow
Gold Rush by Andrew Haskins


BEMA Bumper by Omar Castillo
Cutting Synth by Valentin Eydelman
USB by Ronald Alunan
Digital Detox by Rajiv Ra
Insomnia by Annie Luo
Mirror Kinetic Type by Omar Castillo
Basic 8 Promo by Jason Fuges
Mysterious Activity in the Middle of the Night by Victoria Sharaf
Heron’s Head by Deborah Garfinkle & Donna Nitzberg
Pixel Part 2 by Agnis Pelss
Bringing Back the Salmon: Spawn by Lori Eanes
Philosophy of Judo by Duccio Rocca
Invitation to Drive by Dat Luong
Fifi’s Fun Facts by Patrick Kelly
Call Me Al by Noah Bell
Tides by Scott Hutchinson
The Sea Village Story by Minh Nguyen
Bottle Bumper by Devin Swishe
Cymbal Smith by Laura Batistich
Sequential Bumper by Valentin Eydelman
Bambinno by Manuel Peroni
Who Will Save Us by Jason Fuges

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