First show: April 18

faust movie poster

“There are some films that make you cry, there are some films that make you laugh, and there are some films that change you forever after you see them; and this is one of them.”– Darren Aronofsky.

“Faust is compellingly, often hypnotically dreamlike and grotesque, a film not quite like any other. It rings bells redolent of certain classic 1970s Herzog features…”– Dennis Harvey, SF Bay Guardian

SAN FRANCISCO PREMIERE! Winner of the 2011 Venice International Film Festival’s Golden Lion.

FAUST is the latest film from acclaimed director Alexander Sokurov (RUSSIAN ARK), a hallucinatory re-imagining of Goetheʼs masterpiece set in the early 19th century. It concludes his “Men of Power” tetralogy, and features the exquisite cinematography of Bruno Delbonnel (INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS). Faust is a man in search of the ideals of the Enlightenment, but becomes obsessed with the lovely Margarete and eventually sells his soul to the Devil so that he may possess her. Comic, cosmic, painterly and stunningly beautiful scenes abound as the Devil takes Faust on a strange, unforgettable journey. Directed by Alexander Sokurov. 2011. Digital. In German with English subtitles.


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