Q&A with filmmaker Mark Kitchell and panel of experts after the film!

From filmmaker Mark Kitchell (Berkeley in the SixtiesA Fierce Green Fire) comes a new saga of social change, EVOLUTION of ORGANIC. It’s the story of the organic agriculture movement, told by those who built it. Everybody loves the film. It’s funny and engaging as well as informative and illuminating, a collective portrait full of great stories and strong characters. We captured the arc of organic, from its alternative origins to mainstream triumph. Not just a history, the film explores the next generation expanding organic and carbon farming as a solution to climate change. Narrated by Frances McDormand.

Appearing after the film will be a panel: 

— John Wick of the Marin Carbon Project
— Bu Nygrens of Veritable Vegetable (invited)
— Sibella Kraus of SAGE, founder of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and Chez Panisse forager (invited)
— Matt Diamond of Amigo Bob’s Organics, fertilizer and kits for growing organic marijuana

Thanks very much to Rainbow Grocery for sponsoring this screening — and the film.


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