First show: February 22

SF Theatrical Release

Set in South India, EVENING SHADOWS is a tender, heartwarming story about a mother-son bond that has to withstand the ravages of time, distance and truths. On a road trip that the mother and son take, those truths spill out, ripping ties apart.

“Movies like EVENING SHADOWS are a channel to make sure that our voices are heard through the arts’ medium. Multitudes of drops make the ocean. My association is one such drop in the long-lasting struggles of the LGBTQ community. Together, we will make it a better world for the future of queer children and pave the way for their peaceful world.”
—producer Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali.

Written and directed by Sridhar Rangayan. 102 minutes. Drama. India. 2018


EVENING SHADOWS: Upcoming Showtimes
February 229:15 PMLittle Roxie
February 239:30 PMLittle Roxie
February 242:00 PMLittle Roxie