DoAllCitizen Film Festival for Charity

DoAllCitizen has collaborated with The Roxie Theater and California College of the Arts to feature emerging film makers in the Bay Area on May 6 th , 2018. DAC subscribes to the belief that art and community outreach go hand-in- hand. Working with artists, small businesses, and athletes, it is our hope that our service will not only uplift the community, but expose the less fortunate to art and culture. Our mission is to open lines of communication within our politically and socially dynamic community in a productive manner, encouraging rhetoric- not hate or resentment. All ticket sales will be donated to charity.

Trouble in Paradise – (10 min.) Written and produced by Jack Fanburg, Trouble in Paradise is a dark comedy about an irresponsible brat named Mike Peacockski. In an attempt to foster growth and maturity, Mike’s father banishes him, exiling him to Brooklyn, New York, a community being terrorized by Mafioso Pigeons.

Final Girl – (10 min.) Written by Samantha Allard, Final Girl is a visual journey through horror films, depicting Hollywood’s stereotypical female characters throughout the decades.

Gardening – (10 min.) Written by Andres Giminez, Gardening is a story about a relationship between Coine and Esse and how the power dynamics and trust shifts between them after they share their respective most private dark vices.

MacArthur’s Park – (1.5 min.) A visual masterpiece by Cassidy Kamada, MacArthur’s park explores absurdism and power dynamics.

Desciple – (23 min.) Directed by Jeff Lunganza. A Hyper-Reality short that takes place 30 years in the future where a plague called The Manta Virus has risen from black market bio-warfare. The original carrier of the Manta Virus must travel back in time with the only known antidote to cure its original host. This film was produced without a script, without a budget, and formulated as cameras rolled.

Palindrome – (23 min.) Written and directed by Mark Balunis. A husband/wife scientific team rushes to finish inventing their world-changing transportation technology before one of them succumbs to dementia.

Doucheaholics – Written and directed by Sean McCarthy. Everybody’s a douche, whether they know it or not. A comedy series about the inner douchebag in all of us. Tony aka T-Bag proudly shares his latest exploits with the Doucheaholics, finding himself in douche denial.


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