First show: June 23

Director Alejandro Guzmán Álvarez in person for Q&A after Friday & Saturday screenings!

Nominated to 5 Ariel Awards (the Mexican Oscars) including Best First Film, Original Screenplay and Supporting Actor.

WALKING DISTANCE is a heart-warming urban fairytale about Fede, a man who weighs 450 pounds and lives confined to his home. Fede decides to venture out of his house and take an old picture reel to a photo lab where he meets Paulo, a solitary comic lover that ends up selling him a used camera. While spending time with Paulo and his brother-in-law, Ramon, Fede discovers that photography is more than just a hobby. A friendship between the three men grows, changing their lives forever.

Directed by Alejandro Guzmán Álvarez. Written by Itzel Lara. With Luis “Luca” Ortega, Mauricia Isaac, Joel Isaac and Martha Claudio Moreno. Mexico, 2015, 100 min. HD Digital. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Cuento urbano sobre Fede, un hombre que pesa 200 kg y tiene dificultades para moverse. Al encontrar un viejo rollo fotográfico, decide salir de su casa para revelarlo. En el laboratorio de fotografía, Fede conoce a Paulo, un solitario amante de los cómics quien desea venderle una cámara usada. Junto a él y su cuñado Ramón fortalecerán la amistad, mientras Fede descubre en la fotografía algo más que un pasatiempo.

About Alejandro Guzmán Álvarez

Alejandro was born in Mochis, Sinaloa, on the west coast of Mexico. He studied at the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematográfica where he directed several short films that were screened around the world. Alejandro is a professor at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica and the School of Dramatic Literature and Theatre, where he teaches screenwriting and directing workshops. Walking Distance is his first feature film.