COLD WATER (L’eau Froide)

First show: May 04

A 4K restoration of Olivier Assayas’ never-released teen masterpiece : “One of the key French films of the ’90s” (Jonathan Rosenbaum).

Assayas’ 1994 breakthrough feature was made for a French television series that commissioned nine directors to make a film about their youth using music from the period Drawing from his own youthful experiences and set in suburban Paris in 1972, this cruel story of youth follows two troubled teen lovers, Gilles (Cyprien Fouquet) and Christine (an 18-year-old Virginie Ledoyen), in the disillusioned aftermath of May ’68. Both hailing from broken homes, the teens struggle to communicate with their parents (Gilles’ father is movingly played by French New Wave mainstay László Szabó) and rage against the Establishment. When Christine’s parents decide to send her to an institution, the two decide to run away. A brilliantly choreographed party sequence set in an abandoned mansion in the woods marks a turning point in Assayas’ work, as rock music (Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Nico, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep & Donovan.) combined with a roving camera creates an experiential intersection between the characters and the director’s own youth.Unavailable for decades, this deeply felt coming-of-age drama at long last makes its way to The Roxie!

Written & directed by Olivier Assayas. Virginie Ledoyen, Cyprien Fouquet, László Szabóm & Jean-Pierre Darroussin. 1994. France. In French with English subtitles. DCP. 92 mins.

Director’s Note On The 2018 Restoration:
“I’ve been supporting the film a lot because it should have been released in the nineties. It’s ridiculous—it’s absurd, you know? And it’s a film that keeps on coming back. It has a life of its own and has become a kind of cult movie, which is cool, and happening without my control. But I’m happy that finally it will get some wider visibility than the cinephile audience that’s recognized it for a long time”.

COLD WATER Trailer from Janus Films on Vimeo.


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