Camera Obscura Seventh Annual Report

First show: December 11


Green image with woman's face, monkey and butterfly

Friday, 10-December  |  7:00pm  |  518 Valencia

LOOK AND LEARN (2017) dir. Janie Geiser  [11min.] +

BELLE DU JOUR (2021) dir. Lawrence Jordan  [8.5min.] +

[world premiere] IMAGE V – X (2021) dir. Lawrence Jordan + Joanna McClure  [65min.]

The opening event of the Seventh Annual Report, original Camera Obscura co-founder (in 1957) Lawrence Jordan’s IMAGE is an assemblage of assorted images from existing films–his own and others–while poet Joanna McClure selected the soundtrack from recordings ideally suited for each of the chapters. Of the fourteen four-hundred-foot reels, roughly half of IMAGE will be presented this evening. [The subsequent reels will be screened at a later event in 2022.] In addition, the first public screening of Jordan’s latest animated short, BELLE DU JOUR, with a remarkable score by John Davis and Janie Geiser’s extraordinary LOOK AND LEARN!

[in-person: Joanna McClure + Lawrence Jordan + John Davis]

Tickets available here.


Saturday, 11-December  |  1:00pm  |  Roxie Theater

[private archival print] THE WAYS OF WATER (1971) dir. [uncredited] [Les Blank cinematography]  [13min.]  [16mm] +

TAMING THE GARDEN (2021) dir. Salomé Jashi  [86min.]

Salomé Jashi’s spectacular TAMING THE GARDEN is a poetic ode to the rivalry between people and nature. Nominated for the European Film Award for best European documentary (winners to be announced in Berlin the same day as this screening)the film follows the exquisit hobby of an unnamed man as trees are identified, moved, and relocated in stunning fashion. Screening with a private archive print of the rarely-screened THE WAYS OF WATER (beautifully photographed by Les Blank)!



Saturday, 11-December  | 3:30pm  |  Roxie Theater

THE LENGTH OF DAY (2021) dir. Laura Conway  [17min.] +

A NIGHT OF KNOWING NOTHING (2021) dir. Payal Kapadia  [97min.]

In Payal Kapadia’s remarkable debut, A NIGHT OF KNOWING NOTHING, a university student in India writes letters to her estranged lover while he is away. Merging reality with fiction, dreams, memories, fantasies and anxieties, an amorphous narrative unfolds. Winner of the Oeil d’or (Golden Eye) award for best documentary at Cannes. Paired with the wonderful THE LENGTH OF DAY by Colorado-based filmmaker Laura Conway.

[in-person: Laura Conway]



Saturday, 11-December  |  7:00pm  |  518 Valencia

AFRONAUTS (2014) dir. Nuotama Frances Bodomo  [14min.] +

[restoration] MISIUNEA SPAȚIALĂ DELTA [DELTA SPACE MISSION] (1984) dir. Victor Antonescu + Mircea Toia  [70min.]

The otherworldly weirdness of the Romanian animated sci-fi film DELTA SPACE MISSION, set in the year 3084 aboard the state-of-the-art spacecraft Delta. The highly-advanced computer brain of the ship develops a mad crush on one of the astronauts with disastrous results. Long unavailable, the film has recently been scanned in 4K from the camera negative by the Romanian Film Archive and Romanian Film Centre (CNC) for its first-ever U.S. release. Preceded by Nuotama Frances Bodomo’s parallel-universe “what if” AFRONAUTS.

Tickets available here.



Sunday, 12-December  |  6:30pm  |  Roxie Theater

SPIT ON THE BROOM (2019) dir. Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich  [12min.] +

[restoration] CHAMELEON STREET (1989) dir. Wendell B. Harris, Jr.  [94min.]

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival but criminally under-seen for over three decades, CHAMELEON STREET recounts the improbable but true story of Michigan con-man Douglas Street, the titular “chameleon” who successfully impersonated his way up the socioeconomic ladder. Newly restored in 4K from the original camera negative under the supervision of Wendell B. Harris Jr. Program additionally includes Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich’s extraordinary SPIT ON THE BROOM.



Sunday, 12-December |  9:00pm  |  Roxie Theater

POLYCEPHALY IN D (2021) dir. Michael Robinson  [23min.] +

PETITE MAMAN (2021) dir. Céline Sciamma [72min.]

The sixth and final program of the Seventh Annual Report is Céline Sciamma’s exceptional PETITE MAMAN about an eight-year-old girl who has recently lost her grandmother. She leaves with her parents to empty the childhood home of her mother. The girl happily explores the house and the surrounding woods where she meets another little girl and things are not at all as they initially seem. Screening with Michael Robinson’s fragmentary POLYCEPHALY IN D.



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