City College of San Francisco’s Festival of the Moving Image

November 28 only

The 8th Annual Festival of the Moving Image highlights emerging talent from City College of San Francisco’s Cinema, Visual Media Design and Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Departments in a combined festival program.

Festival Lineup:

Signal Test by Scott Franklin

A Sign from the Universe by Molly Cargas

Otto the Eagle by Leonardo Candidi

Black Friday at Millenium Tower by Desiree Perea

Where Are the Dead? by D.T. Whitney

Worm Food by Max Landman

Heart of the City by Christopher Marotta

BEMA bumper by Scott Franklin

Eryx Spec (Movie Trailer) by Chuck Nicklow

Space by Irina Chernikova

Layover in Berlin by Noah Bell

Resolution by Eric Huang

Ben by Dana Jennings

How Noisy Everything Grows by Amilcar Rojas

The Witch’s Test by Eva Ye

Kit Tea Cat Café by Rachel Ross

Pixel by Agnis Pelss

Adobe Books to Prisoners by Yoko Kikuchi

IDTV Cow Bumper by Craig Lee

Michael the Boxer by Craig Lee

Solace by Erika Arellano


Macaroni and the Girl by Jerry Hsaio

CCSF 8th Annual Frisco Day by John-Paul Mackey

I Sea Trash by Jessica Sieling

Sweet Victory by Louie Hidalgo

The Heist by Hailey Malaika, Miguel Concy, Serena Scaharoff, Ernie Calderon

The Dream-A Collage Animation by Raymond Ou

Wonder Park’s New King by Matt Wong

Schlitzerländer Trachtenfest by Casey Ticsay

Order to Escalate by Adrianna Joaquin

Saturated City by Dario Fernandez

On Edge by Tina Takemoto

Alemany Farm by Lori Eanes

Dip Dive Duck Dodgers by Mindy Walters

Potato by Kelly Gleason

NOTE FILMS START RIGHT AT THE LISTED SHOWTIME. Roxie Theater trailers play during the 30 minutes prior to showtime.



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