CatVideoFest 2018

First show: September 16

Sunday’s 1pm show is SOLD OUT!

CatVideoFest is dedicated to bringing the joy of cat videos to the masses and raising money for cats in need!

Each year, CatVideoFest takes the best cat videos of the year along with some classics and unique submissions, and creates a reel. They edit together clips from over 100 cat videos! Then they arrange and host events around the world for people to come together, enjoy the splendor of hilarious cat antics and raise money for local cat shelters and animal welfare organizations. So come watch some hilarious cat videos and do some good for our feline friends at the same time! We purr-omise it’ll be a pawsitively good time!

CatVideoFest is founded by filmmaker Will Braden, creator of YouTube sensation Henri, le Chat Noir and curator of the popular Internet Cat Video Festival.

A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the FIX OUR FERALS.

NOTE FILMS START RIGHT AT THE LISTED SHOWTIME. Roxie Theater trailers play during the 30 minutes prior to showtime.




CatVideoFest 2018: Upcoming Showtimes