First show: September 23

“Vividly conveys the confusion, disbelief, and slowly-dawning horror of the situation”. – Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills

Filmmakers Jared Drake and Steve Siig IN PERSON after the 9/24, 1pm Show!!!!!!

“A meditation on life lived at nature’s wild edge among forces beyond control,”
– Mick LaSalle, SF Chronicle

An employee building at Alpine Meadows after being slammed by an avalanche in 1982

“A meditation on life lived at nature’s wild edge among forces beyond control.”
– SF Chronicle
“A crackling film…the tension is gripping.” – Telluride Daily Planet

In the early 1980s, the Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol were the undisputed gods of winter in the mountain hamlet of Tahoe City, California, a sun-drenched wonderland of endless powder and parties. This sundry crew full of youthful hubris and a zest for explosives were guided by a newly minted avalanche forecaster named Jim Plehn. More thoughtful and strategic than the others, Jim was a stickler for safety and protocol; he had to be at this avalanche-prone resort. The responsibility to keep the skiing public safe was an all-consuming obsession for him, which made the day of March 31, 1982, all the more devastating. With the mountain closed due to high avalanche danger, but a skeleton crew on hand, a slide of unforeseeable magnitude broke free. Millions of pounds of snow hurtled down the side of the mountain demolishing the resort’s base lodge and burying the parking lot. The wreckage was unimaginable, a worst-case nightmare scenario, especially for Jim. But for the shell-shocked patrol team, there was no time to dwell, seven missing victims were buried in the slide – co-workers, friends, family – and every passing second was precious. Over the next five days, through an unrelenting storm and unimaginable tragedy, the rescue team persevered. Innocence was lost, mortality faced, Mother Nature reckoned with, but through it all, they never gave up hope for a miracle.

Directed by Jared Drake and Steve Siig. 2022. DCP. 96 mins.

The Wednesday, September 28 screening will play with the short film LAST DAYS OF AUGUST

Does a town still exist if nearly everyone has died or left? Using the photo book aesthetic, filmmakers  Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and Robert Machoian explore some nearly abandoned prairie towns of Nebraska and meditate on the blurred lines between still photography and cinema.

USA, 2022. 13 min. Digital.





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