November 19 only

s_4. Pakal-AfricaCar Filmmaker Rob Nilsson in person for Q&A after the film!

Pakal Gomez, is an ex-border patrol officer who was railroaded into prison by a superior officer after two illegal immigrants were killed during a border crossing near Piedras Negras. He begins to suffer seizures and is transferred to a medical halfway house in the Bay Area pending parole.

The film begins as Pakal escapes with a five hour window in which to commit an act of terrorism he has planned with a group radicalized in prison. But the pressure is getting to them, jeopardizing their efforts to avoid detection as old friends try to find them before it’s too late. The film is a character study of people under duress with a limited time to perpetrate, or to prevent, a disaster. It looks at domestic terrorism from the perspective of everyday Americans drawn to it and shows how paradoxes of character and circumstance affect even the most politicized and idealistic people.

Directed by Rob Nilsson, 89 min., 2014, U.S.A.







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