One of the 60s great unsung films and arguably the last great American studio noir film! A research scientist saves a beautiful young woman from a suicide attempt, falls in love with her, and plots to murder her husband–the powerful and egomaniacal head of the corporation he works for. Maddeningly brilliant and compelling no matter how often you’ve seen it, this dazzler was first presented at the Roxie back in 1995 and it’s still a welcome sight! Starring Jeffrey Hunter, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, Viveca Lindfors. Photographed by Sam Leavitt. Screenplay by Mann Rubin. Directed by William Conrad. In B&W. 113 mins. 1965.

At 7:45pm only!




While undergoing therapy, a charming serial killer continues his murder spree as police stand by helplessly trying to figure things out. Generally overlooked at the time of its release, this is nevertheless a disarming thriller with a psychologically complex central character. Coming during the tsunami of deeply dark shock-thrillers left in the wake of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, this is a fairly forgotten film that deserves closer scrutiny. Starring Grant Williams, Shirley Knight, Onslow Stevens. Photographed by Harold E. Stine. Screenplay by Robert (PSYCHO) Bloch, from a story by Blake Edwards. Directed by Owen Crump. In B&W. 100 mins. 1962.

At 5:30pm and 10:00pm

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I WAKE UP DREAMING — Ten sensational days and nights of pre-code crime, proto-noir, and film noir featuring thirty classics and curios spanning the years 1932 to 1965. These incredible films have been pulled from the vaults of the Warner Archive and programmed exclusively for the Roxie Theater by Elliot Lavine.




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