Bomb, A Love Story + Q&A with Payman Maadi

 Special Q&A with Director and Actor Payman Maadi!

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It’s 1988 and, at the height of the Iran-Iraq War, Tehran is bombed relentlessly. The days that pass are full of foreboding, and yet, love, affection, hope and life itself manage to sweep away the fear of death from those surrounded by it. Love may often be difficult to comprehend, but death is a horrible certitude. ‘Bomb, A Love Story’ shows how, even when faced with the darkness of death, love and hope will find a way.

Presented by Sheed Film in collaboration with Diaspora Arts Connection

* Leila Hatami……………….Mitra
* Payman Maadi……………Iraj
* Siamak Ansari…………….Mr. Daneshpasand
* Habib Rezaei………………Teacher

Director : Payman Maadi
Screenplay : Payman Maadi
Director of Photography : Mahmoud Kalari
Music : Eléni Karaïndrou
Make-Up : Mehrdad Mirkiani

About Payman Maadi

Payman Maadi was born in 1972 in New York City to an Iranian couple. His father was a lawyer. His family moved back to Iran when he was 5 years old. He graduated in Metallurgical Engineering from Karaj Azad University. Maadi started his film career as a screenwriter in late 2000s. He is the writer of several famous Iranian films. He started his acting career in Asghar Farhadi’s film About Elly (2009). Two years later, he received the Silver Bear award for Best Actor in Leading Role for his performance as Nader in Farhadi’s A Separation (2011) from the Berlin International Film Festival. Read more here:

89 minutes. In Persian language with English subtitles.

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