Before You Blink

World premiere of the Indie feature!

Live string quartet by Lewis Patzner and Friends before the show!

In Syracuse, Sicily, two women, Maia and Nancy, meet by chance and become friends during the annual religious festival for Saint Lucy. Maia, an Italian Physicist, has come to the city to instruct the University students, while Nancy, a young American, has come to Italy to track her Catholic origins. A third woman enters their lives, Daniela, the enigmatic personal helper of the head-priest Father Lorenzo, who seems to exert an occult influence from afar on the two friends. During the religious festival, the three women become entwined in mysterious ways they cannot foresee nor control, until Daniela begins to convince Father Lorenzo that a numinous presence is acting within her, and possibly within the entire town. Are Nancy and Maia also possessed by this presence? Or are the three women part of some greater design? Their deep questioning will lead to the unveiling of a new myth which takes us beyond the limits of reason.
Directed by Brendan Kidd. 2021. 109 min.
Shot on Kodak 7222 Black and White 16 mm film stock.

Tara Sophia as Nancy
Manuela Ventura as Maia
Simonetta Cartia as Daniela
Marcello Cappelli as Father Lorenzo
Valentina D’Amico as Chiara
Francesco Crapanzano as Carlo


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