Bay Area Film Fatales Showcase

January 15 only

The Bay Area Film Fatales showcase highlights the work of local emerging and established documentary filmmakers. 

After the screening, members of the Film Fatales will be available to discuss their work and the recent strides made by women in the film industry to increase equal opportunity and promote equality.


FRUITS OF LABOR by Emily Cohen Ibañez: Fruits of Labor follows a day-in-the-life of a young farm and factory worker in Watsonville, California, who dreams of being the first in her family to graduate from high school and go to college.

SWAN by Laetitia Jacquart: A ballet soloist gets ready to dance.

A LOVE SONG FOR LARRY HARVEY by Jessie Deeter: After Burning Man founder Larry Harvey died in April of this year this lovely tribute was made in his honor.

FATMOB by Julie Wyman: What if the city streets filled – just for a moment – with fat people dancing happily, energetically, all in unison. Juicy D. Light is a fat dancer. She believes that people should live “out loud” – whatever their body size: and she is not alone. FatMob tracks her plan and her process to bring a group of colorfully dressed people to dance in the streets of San Francisco, showing us what it looks like to be fat and happy.

DIANA’S HAIR EGO REMIX by Cheryl Dunyé & Ellen Spiro:  30 years after Ellen Spiro made “DiAna’s Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front,” the AIDS crisis is still raging in the deep south where the film was shot.  Director Cheryl Dunye, after reading about the new AIDS crisis in the South, visits DiAna and Bambi in the hair salon where they first began their innovative safe sex education work. DiAna’s Hair Ego REMIX is the beginning of a new story and new hope in the face of an ongoing tragedy.

COME AND TAKE IT by Ellen Spiro & PJ Raval: This short documentary film captures the transformation of a young woman, who assumes leadership of America’s most inspired anti-gun violence movement: #CocksNotGlocks. After concealed carry of handguns is legalized on the University of Texas campus, Jessica Jin posts clever humor on social media, and with the help of a tight-knit group of young female students, a movement is born: The Great Texas Dildo Revolt

MY IMMIGRANT STORY by Yuriko Romer: Today with immigration in flux, I thought of my own story. Just thirteen years after Japan’s surrender of WWII, my family moved to the U.S. Only a year old, my father was recruited as a research scientist, my destiny was set to become an American.

WASHED AWAY by Dana Nachman: There are many days that Brandon Anderton cannot get out of bed. But on the days he can, he creates sand mosaic masterpieces only to see them enveloped by the tides hours later. In the hours while he is creating, his chronic pain fades into the background and sometimes vanishes all together, only to return with a vengeance after so many hours on his feet. Washed Away chronicles the transformation of a person who goes from one of the darkest places a human can go to a place of hope and inspiration. The driving force behind his change is art.

Film Fatales advocates for parity in the film industry and supports an inclusive community of hundreds of women and non-binary feature film and television directors nationwide.  Film Fatales raises the visibility of marginalized directors and increases the talent pool for industry organizations, programmers and production companies looking to work with more underrepresented voices.  Each month, Film Fatales organizes networking events in a dozen cities where filmmakers can discuss their projects, share resources, and engage in moderated discussions about their careers. Film Fatales works with over one hundred industry organizations to recommend directors for jobs, grants, labs, screenings, and other opportunities. Founded by Leah Meyerhoff in 2013, the organization has has since inspired dozens of sister groups around the world.  By expanding the landscape of storytelling, Film Fatales continues to bring exciting new films to the screen. For more information on Film Fatales, please visit:

NOTE FILMS START RIGHT AT THE LISTED SHOWTIME. Roxie Theater trailers play during the 30 minutes prior to showtime.



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