BAD LIEUTENANT (35mm) + MS. 45

As a warm up to his finally released PASOLINI, MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS presents
“A Genuine Tribute to Abel Ferrara.” Hosted by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks!

BAD LIEUTENANT (35mm) : Banned NC-17 Version

6:30pm. Taking place on the sleaziest New York streets of the early 1990s, this profound spiritual journey can best be summed up by critic Janet Maslin, “Abel Ferrara has come up with a film that would seem outrageously, unforgivably lurid if it were not also somehow perfectly sincere.” Harvey Keitel’s infamous performance as the most corrupt cop in the world is honestly one of the bravest roles of the 1990s. Preceded by a “murder” of Abel Ferrara 35mm trailers. Directed by Abel Ferrara, Script by Zoë Lund. 1992. NC-17 35mm print courtesy of Peter Conheim/Cinema Preservation Alliance. Running Time: 96 minutes.

MS. 45

8:30pm. Taking place on the grimy New York streets of the early 80s, this hauntingly surreal, furiously feminist surprisingly smart and horrifically brutal journey of one woman’s retaliation has the power to resonate with you for the rest of your life. Zoë Lund’s memorable mute performance combined with a truly epic Halloween costume party and Joe Delia’s no wave jazz score, this low budget ($60,000) masterpiece will be screened in a newly restored 4K DCP presentation. Preceded by a “quiver” of feminist exploitation 35mm trailers. Directed by Abel Ferrara, Script by Nicholas St. John. 1981. Rated (hard) R. Running Time: 80 minutes.

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