October 13 only

Director Amar Chebib will be present for a post-screening Q&A. Co-presented by ASWAT.

A meditation on loss, yearning, and faith told though the lives of three Syrian refugee musicians. Beginning in the pre-war environment of summer 2010, Syrian-Canadian filmmaker and AFF alum Amar Chebib travelled to Aleppo and Damascus — just six months before the revolution began — to make a documentary on traditional Syrian Sufi music. However the film is transformed into a contemplation on exile when musicians Ibrahim, Abdulwahed, and Mohamed are forced to seek refuge in Turkey and Europe as their country plummets into the throes of one of the most catastrophic socio-political conflicts the world has seen in contemporary times. As he continues to follow their stories of exile over the course of five years, and working alone without a film crew, Chebib crafts a constellation of experience where narrative time oscillates between the sweeping, rare footage of pre-war Syria’s cultural majesty and into present-day formations of refugee life. The three men, now in foreign lands, grasp tight to what remains of their musical heritage as they confront their traumatic pasts and uncertain futures. Bittersweet musical performances and extremely rare Sufi ceremonies form the backdrop of their personal stories of survival, separation, and longing.

Premiered at DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver.

Director bio:

Syrian-Canadian filmmaker Amar Chebib began making videos in his youth while growing up between the Middle East and North America. He graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2006 and has since directed various short films, music videos, and commercials around the world. Chebib currently resides in Vancouver, Canada where he directs and produces short branded documentaries through his production company, Luminus Films. Wajd – Songs Of Separation is his first feature length documentary.

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Directed by Amar Chebib. 87 min. DCP. Syria. 2018.

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