Arab Film Festival: THE SWING

October 14 only


Viviane and Antoine have lived together for 65 years, and while she still has her strength, he has long been bedridden. At a certain point physical weakness is extremely difficult to face, so the family at least tries to keep Antoine’s spirit alive. The news that their adored, devoted, and incredibly loving daughter Marie-Thérèse has tragically died is so devastating that no one manages or even wants to tell the weakened old man. Indeed, the grief might bring on his death…

This documentary poem plays out in an imagined state of limbo, in which a person awaits the approaching end of life: even if it assuages a harrowing internal disquiet, it brings others only pain. A heavy lyrical portrait brightened by the warming rays of loved ones’ smiles. —MARTIN HORYNA

Director Cyril Aris. 2018, 74 mins. In Arabic, French, and Italian with English subtitles.


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