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Part of our Palestine Days section, “From The West Bank” boasts some of the strongest, soul-moving short format works from the current festival cycle via narrative and documentary forms, with an emphasis on stories from the West Bank to complement our spotlight on Gaza elsewhere in the line-up. Including three films from Bethlehem’s Dar Al-Kalima University’s film school which has been producing unbelievably talented filmmakers in recent history including Wisam Al Jafari who won a Cinéfondation award at Cannes 2019 for his short film Ambience, From The West Bank moves through aches of apartheid in the same breath of the spirit of resistance that dwells unfailingly in the hearts of Palestinians living under the yolk of Israeli occupation. Dive into these stories and understand what it means and what it takes to keep hope alive amidst one of the most pending geopolitical crises of the modern era.


Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine, 15m, 2019

Despite the noise and chaos of the refugee camp, two young Palestinian refugees discover a creative way to record music in order to meet a competition deadline.

Brewed In Palestine

Emma Schwartz, Palestine/USA, 17m, 2019

An intimate portrait of the Taybeh Brewery in Palestine, the first craft beer company on the West Bank. The film reveals the daily realities of one resourceful Palestinian family living and working under Israeli occupation.

Coffee Pot

Thaer Al-azzah, Palestine, 10, 2019

Jomu’a is a Palestinian who lives in a refugee camp. Every morning, he goes to the entrance of the camp to earn his living selling coffee. He tries to find additional work but the only gig available is to help demolish a house before the occupation arrives to demolish it and charge the owner for the expenses incurred.


Saliba Rishmawi, Palestine, 10, 2019

Sawsan is 22-years-old and, like many her age who still live at home: feels suffocated and regularly fights with her parents. Eventually she decides to run away and journey into the night life of Bethlehem city where she finds an unexpected surprise.

I Insist To Keep Filming

Anne Paq & Haidi Motola, Palestine, 10m, 2019

Bilal Tamimi, a Palestinian cameraman and activist, tells the story of his village Nabi Saleh’s struggle against Israeli occupation and his perspective of it through the camera’s lens.

Maradona’s Legs

Firas Khoury, Palestine/Germany, 23m, 2019

During the 1990 World Cup in a small Palestinian village, two boys are looking for “Maradona’s legs” – the last missing sticker they need to complete their world cup sticker album and win a free Atari.

From the West Bank to Gaza – don’t miss feature documentary Gaza, screened at Sundance 2019

2019, 85 mins. In Arabic and English.


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