Arab Film Festival: Shorts 3: Arab Highlights

October 17 only

A diverse assembly of shorts that relay cutting-edge work from and about the Arab World.  Apartheid, war, Saudi feminism, racial profiling, and analyses of the refugee experience are a few of the themes engaged in the program, across a sweeping roller coaster ride that yields waves of black humor inasmuch as heart-wrenching drama.  For our 22nd edition, our Arab Highlights short film showcase returns not only to underscore some of the most pending topics of the day per the Arab World and beyond, but to offer a selection that has something for everyone.


A Palestinian man languishing in an Israeli jail is pining for some quality time with his wife, in order to conceive.  This presents a logistical conundrum, of which his savvy wife proves herself an ingenious equal.

Directed by Rakan Mayasi. 9 min. 2017. Palestine, Lebanon.


An animated film starring an extinguished wick and a broken lantern, sitting in a devastated space.  Will the wick be able to repair the lantern and bring it to what it once was, a source for light in the darkness?


Relays the challenges faced by a team of women working on the set of their first feature film in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  The narration, contributed anonymously by members of the crew, asks questions of confidence, belonging, and future in a country where societal restraints are a constant threat to the budding film industry.

Directed by Bentley Brown. 14 min. 2018. Saudi Arabia.


Alone and far from home, a young Palestinian migrant makes his way through Athens, struggling to make ends meet.  Surrounded by predators, he is forced to make compromises to survive as his life of exile grows one day longer.

Directed by Mahdi Fleifel. 16 min. 2017. Greece, Denmark, Palestine.


In a film industry where actors of Arab or Muslim origin are routinely cast as terrorists, one man stands a chance to wrong the rights… or, um… right the wrongs.

Directed by Bentley Brown. 6 min. 2018. USA, Qatar.


RUPTURE follows the journey of four Arab refugee teens on their quest to find the local public pool in their new Canadian city.

Directed by Yassmina Karajah. 18 min. 2017. Jordan, USA.


The Eid festival is coming up in Casablanca.  Imad, who sells pirated DVDs, hasn’t collected enough money to buy the animal to be sacrificed for the evening celebration, which opens the door for a good excuse to exploit his younger brother’s “skills…”

Directed by Ilias El Faris. 22 min. 2018. Morocco.


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