Arab Film Festival: SHORTS 2 Ruya رؤيا (visions)

October 14 only

Ruya رؤيا (visions)

Outstanding, world-class short film by some of the most talented filmmakers of the day, our boundary-pushing “Visions” short program returns as “Ruya رؤيا” – an assemblage of an all-female cast of directors who have pushed visual storytelling to the cutting-edge. Spanning a gamut of stories having to do with day-to-day Beiruti rooftop culture amidst the normalization of war and Jihadism’s quaking effect on the nuclear family; to a Sundance award-winning dark comedy as it takes the shape of the Syrian refugee experience in Lebanon and an awkward albeit sexy fever dream starring the all too expressive Algerian actor Slimane Dazi: Ruya رؤيا will at once invite you to peer into new frontiers of storytelling and landscapes of resonance whilst reminding you of the power of visionary Arab Women on the international indie film scene.


Feyrouz Serhal, Lebanon, 26m, 2017

Day one of the FIFA World Cup. The residents of Beirut have eagerly anticipated the big event, but for some reason the telecast is interrupted by strange audio waves. Soon they realize that an Israeli attack is in progress, but instead of running away and hiding, they rush to their rooftops where they can witness a much bigger event in the midst of a “tshweesh” or “disruption.”



Meryam Joobeur, Tunisia, 25m, 2018

When a hardened shepherd’s estranged son returns home to rural Tunisia after a long journey with a mysterious new wife, tension arises between father and son.


Chahine Fellahi, Morocco, 5m, 2019

Through scenes of women walking in the countryside, Chergui evokes and invokes the fleeting, ungraspable nature of memory, as the images form and unform, following the oscillating rhythm of remembering and forgetting.


Soudade Kaadan, Syria/Lebanon, 13m, 2019

A dynamic take on the life of Syrian refugees told through dark comedy.


Latifa Said, Algeria/France, 14m, 2017

Suburbs of a big city. Omar, an immigrant worker from the Maghreb, feels uncomfortable with women. Ambivalent in all things, he’s either fascinated by women, or they make him afraid. When he meets Rita, a hooker, he tries to surpass his insecurities to discover his own sexuality.

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98 mins.


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