Arab Film Festival: ONE OF THESE DAYS

October 14 only

A 24-hour coming of age chronicle of Beirut, told though a handful of smart, attractive, and accident-prone millennials. Yasmina, who has just escaped from rehab, is battling addiction as she seeks to recapture a taste of the life she’s left behind — or to confirm if she needs to leave it again — as her ex-boyfriend and previous bandmate Rami prepares for a concert. Shocked by her sudden reappearance, Rami’s thrown for a loop, caught between his new spark, Amira, and an old flame that just won’t die. Meanwhile, Yasmina’s best friend Maya is similarly surprised by news of her rehab escape, and is likewise thrust into the fray given her close friendship with Amira. Slightly bent towards the green vis-á-vis her friends, and in spite of her punk look: Maya’s still a virgin, and finds herself on the cusp of a speedy, albeit abrupt, sexual awakening, as her emo Marxist-in-training brother Fouad broods over socialist theory and heartache. Their stories intertwine and unfold, intermix and overlap, atop a social landscape recently unsettled by (yet another) terrorist attack, with protests and checkpoints riddling the city. But… for this rag-tag group of young Beirutis who’ve known the aches of social unrest since birth… it’s just “one of these days.”

With an atmospheric, shoegazy approach to narrative storytelling, Lebanese director Nadim Tabet communicates the essence of what one might call a “millennial malaise” but this time refracted through the particular locus of Beirut’s complex social climate which has produced a generation of savvy youngsters attenuated by a nuanced understanding of war and death. Regularly spiced with experiential driving shots that serve to catalogue neighborhoods in the city, juxtaposed with intimate, still photography and dreamy voice overs ruminating over love, relationships, and regret as a hypnotic dronecore soundtrack by Charnel Haber haunts the soundscape: Tabet’s stylish debut feature at once invokes the aura of youth culture while at the same time drawing forth a sense of nostalgia for the unlived.

Screened in the official selections of the 2017 Dubai International Film Festival and the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival. Supported by Final Cut Venice.

Director bio:

Born in Beirut, Nadim Tabet demonstrated a keen interest in cinema from a young age. He filmed his first shorts on video and Super 8mm and, in 2001, co-founded the Lebanese Film Festival. He likewise is a member of the selection committee of the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. One Of These Days is his first feature.

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Directed by Nadim Tabet. 90 min. DCP. Lebanon. 2017.

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