Arab Film Festival: AMERICAN MUSLIM

October 13 only


As the 2020 elections rapidly approach, Adam Zucker’s American Muslim is a must watch. Following the Trump administration’s infamous “Muslim Ban,” the documentary chronicles the work of several activists in New York – a Yemeni educator, a young Palestinian community organizer, an Indonesian Imam, a Bengali mosque president, and an Algerian mosque director – as they grapple with a resurgence of Islamophobia. From native residents to refugees seeking asylum, the film explores the many lives that have been affected by the current legislation.

Though the Trump administration’s policies are at the forefront of the film, Zucker tackles other commonly raised questions about the faith. Whether it be the role of the mosque, exploring women’s rights or understanding Islam’s compatibility with other religions – several facets of what it means to be an American-Muslim are likewise covered.

In the current zeitgeist where we are inundated with breaking news stories on the marginalization of various peoples, American Muslim provides a personalized perspective from those living the consequences every day. Though bleak at times, the film’s centering of determined activists is a reminder of humanity’s ability to spread love and compassion – even in the darkest of times. —UMBER BHATTI

Director Adam Zucker. 2019, 83 mins. In English and Arabic.


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