APAture 2019 presents Open Windows

October 20 only

Join Kearny Street Workshop at the Roxie Theater for APAture 2019 presents Open Doors (a film showcase)! Open Doors asks questions of place, othering, and belonging; of how we discover, struggle through, and long for ourselves and our communities. Featuring Alle Hsu, Neelu Bhuman, Lining Wang, Elise Yap, Kevin Lu, Simrah Farrukh, Jacob Rine, Neshma Friend. For artist bios click here!

This year, in honor of the 20th anniversary of APAture, our theme is DECLARE. DECLARE is an acknowledgement of both the legacies of our past and the legacies we’ll establish in the future. We invite you to submit work related to legacies, families (chosen, biological, or beyond), communities, decolonization, representation, futurism, agency, and more. 


There will be a Q&A with filmmakers present and this will be the SF premiere for many of the short films.



FU377 (dir. Neelu Bhuman)
Dreams of a Hungry Ghost (dir. Lining Wang)
Two Apart (dir. Kevin Lu)
Rose-Colored Girl (dir. Elise Yap)
A Forest With No Birdsong (dir. Jacob Cruz-Rine)
Como Mínimo (#YesIsTheMinimum) (dir. Micropixie)


Films by Alle Hsu:
Sophie (San Francisco Premiere)
Our Way Home (San Francisco Premiere)
(special preview of another short)


APAture 2019 presents Open Windows: Upcoming Showtimes
October 202:30 PMBig Roxie