First show: December 29

Young artist Kyoko (Ami Tomite) wreaks havoc on everyone that she encounters, her worst being reserved for simpering older assistant Noriko (Mariko Trutsui), whom she routinely humiliates—or at least that’s what seems to be happening, before an abrupt about-face. Outrageous rabble-rouser Sono’s contribution to the Roman Porno redux series contains plenty of sex, but is also a fourth-wall breaking, experimental study of feminine agency set against outlandish, eye-popping backdrops.

Directed by Sion Sono. 2016. 76min. DCP


Statement from Director Sion Sono
ANTIPORNO is the antithesis against the recent flood of pink contents. Basically, I don’t like the genre of pornography so much and would rather feel somehow discomfort. Nonetheless, I agreed with “Roman Porno Reboot Project” with the regard to high degree of freedom for production. Each director creates a film based on the rule of Nikkatsu Roman Porno classics that stipulated a sex scene every 10 minutes and production within a certain budget and shooting period while expressing their own originality. As one of the lineup films created by notable directors under the same conditions, I expected the film would become quite interesting if I visualized my strange feeling about pornography straightforwardly. I dare to do away with logical sequence in this film and completed it with the belief that I make a women’s film by taking an anti-porno side. I’m really satisfied with the finished work.



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