First show: September 23

“EPICALLY F***ED-UP” – The Guardian

“GROSS AS HELL” – Bloody Disgusting




In a small Michigan town, hard-partying stoner Lou (Natasha Lyonne) awakens one morning and finds herself experiencing bizarre symptoms. Her friend, Sadie (Chloe Sevigny) believes she is pregnant and not telling her about it, despite Lou’s claims that she hasn’t had sex with anyone in nearly a year. A mysterious stranger, Lorna (Meg Tilly), however, believes Lou. As conspiracies and stories of bizarre kidnappings around town begin to spread, Lou’s visions and grip on reality become more distorted.

Antibirth dir Danny Perez 2016 USA 94 min



Director’s vision:

In designing the feature, Perez created a script that deliberately “subvert a lot of female archetypes” noting that with this film he was specifically subverting the idea of how pregnancy is usually depicted as “this image of women as glowing in gestational bliss and being so happy”, noting that “No one really talks about the more gruesome aspects of pregnancy and what it does to the body” In creating the narrative Perez was also inspired by various conspiracy theory enthusiasts as well as “weird UFO YouTube videos”

from the film "Antibirth" poses for a portrait during the WireImage Portrait Studio hosted by Eddie Bauer at Village at The Lift on January 24, 2016 in Park City, Utah.



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