Another Hole in the Head Festival

First show: December 01

San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head film Festival is a 17-day cinematic excursion into the realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and assorted other genre fare. Under the auspices of SF IndieFest, ‘AHITH’ has an 18-year tradition of pulling together diverse Independent films of all varieties and budgetary considerations–from major productions by professional companies to micro-budget labors of love, and everything in between.

Satanic Hispanics

An anthology of 5 short films: When police raid a house in El Paso, they find it full of dead Latinos, and only one survivor. He’s known as The Traveler, and when they take him to the station for questioning, he tells them those lands are full of magic and talks about the horrors he’s encountered in his long time on this earth, about portals to other worlds, mythical creatures, demons and the undead. Directed by Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero, and Alejandro Brugues. Runtime, 105 min. Tickets for December 1, 6:30p.

Night of the Living Dead with Live score performed by Sleepbomb

The world premiere performance of Sleepbomb’s new score for George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead! Experience the terror and tension of the original zombie film that started it all with Sleepbomb’s unique blend of doomy drones and electronics filling the air! For almost two decades, Sleepbomb has been bringing innovative and exciting new scores for a wide variety of genre films. Atmospheric and heavy, ranging from doom and drone to electronic textures, Sleepbomb’s scores have re-contextualized films like NosferatuThe Cabinet of Dr. CaligariConan the Barbarian and Metropolis for mesmerized audiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Directed by George A. Romero. Runtime, 97 min. Tickets for December 2, 7:30p.


A young psychiatrist tries hypnotism to save a patient but will soon wish to God he hadn’t. Directed by A.T. Sharma. Runtime, 76 min. Tickets for December 3, 7:00p.

The Warped Dimension VHS Show! LIVE!

A nostalgic void has taken over our memories of what life was like when a Blockbuster, a Hollywood Video, or a “Mom & Pop” Video store were in a neighborhood near you—and therein lies the WARPED DIMENSION VHS SHOW! A hybrid of LIVE! interactive theater and the movie screening experience. When you enter the Warped Dimension Video Store, it looks and feels like a video store from past times. …Yet there is something off–maybe even sinister–afoot at this VHS-only store. As you make your way to your seat, browse the video collection; every tape is for sale before and after the show.

Special Guests include award winning actor Michael Kane and his personal VHS copy of Jaws: The Revenge–aka Jaws 4–aka Caribbean Jaws–aka The FINAL JAWS–with a brief Q&A before the screening. Runtime, 120 min. 

Tickets for December 3, 9:00p


Artist Oliver Black (Xander Berkeley) wakes to discover his wife Evelyn (Sarah Clarke) has died in their bed overnight. Brimming with magical realism, we enter a world in which the misconceptions of our belief in a solid reality are revealed. Space and time bend in a way to challenge the audience with what is real, what is illusion, and what is beyond… Directed by Steve Balderson. Runtime, 92 min. Tickets for December 4, 7:00p.


A small rural town in Maine is shocked as a mysterious animal leaves a local resident brutally ripped apart. Deemed to be a random bear attack by town officials, freelance journalists Max and Harriet suspect it might be something more. Directed by Brad Rego. Runtime, 114 min. Tickets for December 4, 9:00p.

The Creeping

Anna hasn’t returned home for many years, due to a traumatic childhood experience. With her ailing grandmother suffering with worsening symptoms of dementia, Anna moves home to look after her. Soon after, strange things begin happening. Though benign at first, events soon escalate into a nightmarish fight for life against a malevolent presence. She discovers the ordeal is linked to a dark family secret, a tragic past that’s haunted Anna her whole life. …And her grandmother’s fading memories could be the key to solving the mystery and surviving the nightmare. Directed by Jamie Hooper. Runtime, 94 min. Tickets for December 5, 7:00p.


A couple find themselves trapped in a bizarre time-loop while on a run around a pond. Directed by Dane Elcar. Runtime, 85 min. Tickets for December 5, 9:10p.

Kick Me

A nightmare comedy about a school counselor whose compassion, generosity and dedication destroy the lives of everyone around him. Directed by Gary Huggins. Runtime, 84 min. Tickets for December 6, 7:00p.

Pig Killer

Based on the terrifying true story of Robert ‘Willy’ Pickton, the pig farmer cum prolific ladykiller whose horrific crimes shocked the world. PIG KILLER graphically depicts Pickton’s felonious farmhouse of rape, torture, slaughter and dismemberment of almost fifty women. With his herculean hog, Balthazar, by his side, Willy and his menagerie of colorful cohorts terrorized Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for almost two decades until his 2002 arrest that uncovered the most bizarre series of murders Canada has ever seen.. Directed by Chad Ferrin. Runtime, 122 min. Tickets for December 6, 9:10p.


After a drug run goes bad, two childhood friends must survive a horrific night in a backwoods hell of drugs, bugs, and obscene intimacy in this queer horror nightmare. Directed by Carter Smith. Runtime, 93 min. Tickets for December 7, 7:00p.

Living With Chucky

A filmmaker who grew up alongside Chucky the killer doll seeks out the other families surrounding the Child’s Play films as they recount their experiences working on the ongoing franchise and what it means to be a part of the, “Chucky” family. Featuring stellar interviews from franchise alums, Jennifer Tilly, John Waters, Don Mancini, Billy Boyd, Brad Dourif, Marlon Wayans, and Abigail Breslin! *Screening ONLY in the theater! NO online shows!* Directed by Kyra Elise Gardner. Runtime, 101 min. Tickets for December 8, 7:00p.

Night of the Bastard

After chasing away a group of youths trying to party near his desert home, a disgruntled hermit’s peaceful life is violently upheaved when a group of savage cultists lay siege to his house. Forced to partner up with one of the partygoers, Reed and his newfound colleague must defend themselves into the night, all while long-buried and disturbing secrets are revealed to him as part of the cult’s evil plan. Directed by Erik Boccio. Runtime, 82 min. Tickets for December 8, 9:00p.


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