First show: December 08

A celebration of some of the greatest cartoons ever made from the 1930s, 40s & 50s! A night of rare, fun & outrageous animation for all in 16mm!

The Roxie is taking you back to when the cartoon character reigned supreme on the big screen—the golden age! Cartoons were so popular during the 1930s-50s with the public and the box office that patrons would often go to a theater just to see their favorite cartoon character in their latest release—never mind what the feature was!  Movie studios were well aware of this, and the race was on and the competition high as to which cartoon makers could create popular characters and series that would resonate with audiences.  Tonight’s program is a celebration of all things animated with some of the best ‘toons ever made!  Titles include: FELIX WOOS WHOOPEE (1930), BETTY BOOP, M.D. (1932), OPENING NIGHT (1933), AIN’T SHE SWEET (1933), HOLD THE WIRE (1936), THE MAD HATTER (1940), THE FOX & THE GRAPES (1941), THE SKY PRINCESS (1942), THE GREATEST MAN IN SIAM (1944), LITTLE RURAL RED RIDING HOOD (1949), THREE LITTLE PUPS (1953) and MORE!  100 minutes – 16mm.

The ROXIE has the best ‘toons in town!