Analog Time Machine Presents THE WARRIORS

Analog Time Machine Presents The 1979 Cult Hit


Analog Time Machine and Everything Ecstatic present a cult classic party. Get ready for an immersive night of pre-film music, visuals, themed beer by Local Brewing Co., and more, all with the gritty vibe of a graffiti-covered subway car. Cannnn youuuu diggggg itttt?!

This 1979 crime action classic sparked hysteria and outrage when it was first released. Of course, that only stoked its legendary status. The film tracks a Brooklyn gang on a mythic 30-mile journey from the north end of the Bronx to their home turf in Coney Island. Their only obstacle is every street gang in all the five boroughs.

Directed by Walter Hill. USA. 1979. Digital.

DJ Set starts at 8:45


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