First show: September 19


Smokin’ hot!

– Radio One, New Zealand

One of the best music documentaries around…This film puts the heart and soul back into music and opens your mind to incredible artists you may never have heard of.

– The Film Reel, Toronto

September 19
Music by Creole Belles before 7pm show + Director Maureen Gosling  in person for Q&A after the 7pm show and intro before 9:30pm show. 
September 20
Music by La Familia Peña-Govea before 7pm show + Director Chris Simon in person for Q&A after the 7pm show and intro before 9:30pm show.

In This Ain’t No Mouse Music!, a vivid portrait of the obsessive sonic sleuth and Arhoolie records founder Chris Strachwitz, filmmakers Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling take a hip-shaking stroll from New Orleans to Appalachia and right into very the DNA of rock’n’roll. In this beautifully shot film, we come face to face with the creators of indigenous music, from the great Clifton Chenier to fiddler Michael Doucet, from Flaco Jimenez to the Pine Leaf Boys, playing songs that are endemic to their place and circumstance, to dialect and class, to climate and landscape. Their music is now highly endangered by the merciless steamroller of pop culture, assimilation and commercialism, which makes Strachwitz’s desperate pursuit to track down every last artist all the more urgent. But these songs aren’t meant to be locked away in a Smithsonian vault to be decoded by folklorists and musical anthropologists. This film is a living cultural history with a soundtrack that bites and kicks and screams. Even 50 years later, Arhoolie’s records remain alive, unruly and still so sharp that some songs can cut you right down to the soul. Directed by Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling. Featuring Chris Strachwitz, Treme Brass Band, Davia Nelson, Richard Thompson, Billy Roy Morales, Ry Cooder and Bonnie Raitt. USA. 2013. 92 mins.



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