First show: June 26

 **Director Jennifer Phang, Senior VFX Supervisor Catherine Tate, and other special guests will be in attendance for an extended Q&A at the 9pm Big Roxie screening on Sunday June 28th.**

Co-presented with the Center for Asian American Media ( CAAMFest )

unnamedFuturistic Drama starring Jaqueline Kim, Samantha Kim, James Urbaniak and Ken Jeong. In a metropolis in the near future, Gwen Koh, a beautiful woman full of poise and grace, works as the spokesperson for the Center for Advanced Health and Living, a company that offers a radical new technology allowing people to overcome their natural disadvantages and begin life anew. But when a shift in company priorities threatens her job and her family, will Gwen undergo the procedure herself?

MV5BMTkzNDg3OTc1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjEwMzg4MzE@._V1__SX1216_SY627_Writer/Director Jennifer Phang’s fresh, soulful, and sophisticated science fiction film elegantly engages the future of our society, its economies, values, and gender disparity. A haunting and inventive tale that glistens at its center with a penetrating performance by Jacqueline Kim, Advantageous spins an intriguing and entirely tangible emotional fabric of a future society that powerfully resonates with how we live in our world today.

Directed by Jennifer Phang, 90min, USA, 2015 


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