A Million Little Pieces

First show: December 06

A young aspiring writer hits rock bottom and then forced to check into rehab to face his traumatic past.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays a crack addict in this adaptation of James Frey's memoir.

Chicago, 1993. At 23 years-old, James Frey is a lost soul involved in a destructive spiral due to his drug and alcohol addiction. After a night of hard partying, James falls backwards off a balcony and injures his face. He wakes up disoriented on a plane to a rehab center in Minnesota under doctors’ orders. In rehab, James has a hard time following the rules and admitting to his addiction. In rehab he meets an interesting crop of characters: Leonard, a foul-mouthed former member of the mob; John, a deranged sexual obsessive unable to contain his primary impulses; Roy, who has bipolar disorder with religious delirium; and Miles, a clarinet player and former judge; Lilly, a beautiful young former prostitute who falls in love with James.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, 2018. 113 mins. DCP


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