3 STILL STANDING – Opening Night!

October 09 only

3still3the movie
with LIVE Performances

by Larry “Bubbles” Brown
Johnny Steele
Will Durst

3StillposterFor one night you can travel back to the hottest comedy scene ever!

If you were ​there ​and you witnessed the 1980s comedy boom in San Francisco, ​you have to see this show! If you ​missed it​, then ​you really have to see this show!

Part Cinema, part stand-up comedy – all laughter.

This event takes you into the green rooms, the after-parties and into the minds of some of the best stand-up comics working in the country today.

“Will Durst is so passionate about stand-up comedy, he reminds me that this is the greatest job in the world.” – Paula Poundstone

3still4Experience the wild nights at the Holy City Zoo, the early days of the San Francisco Comedy Competition, the big breaks and the bad breaks.

“That was the best time of our lives! If you were lucky and you got a chance to perform in that era, that was a real blessing.” –Rob Schneider

A rare glimpse behind the curtain of stand-up comedy.

“Johnny Steele is fearless – he just opens it up!” – Robin Williams

You will laugh like it’s 1984!


3 STILL STANDING show for an entire week: Fri, Oct 9 – Thu, Oct 15!!!

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