SF IndieFest Shorts 3: GANGSTER OF LOVE

First show: February 02

These mini-movies present human emotions in intriguing setups and stylish packages. A director’s showcase.


A girl that was born in a religious family decides to tattoo her beliefs as a sentence on her body in an underground tattoo shop, when she arrives she faces an unexpected character.

image of a bald man putting on gloves in a darkly lit green room

Directed by Saber Tatarcheh, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. 11 mins.


A young deaf girl comes to live on a boat owned by a big talker. She makes contact with the people – and the gerbil – which inhabit this world via written notes, gesture, and dance before a small but significant death pushes her to make judgments about these relationships.

image of a deaf girl with her hand on a wall, listening to vibration.

Directed by Louise Stern, UNITED KINGDOM. 23 mins.


Greed, revenge and death all impact one another in this taught crime drama. Nothing is what is seems in this film written and produced by Maximiliano Hernandez and directed by newcomer Jhosimar Vasquez.

image of a man sniffing a cigarette with smoke in the air.

Directed by Jhosimar Vasquez, US. 22 mins.


In France, in the 80s, Tony a young third-generation Spaniard immigrant, a rebel with a heart of gold, fights for a life that he desires despite an abusive and violent father controlling his every move while bonding with a group of reckless immigrants outcasts from the street in whom he sees a family. However, the path he takes only leads to a dark and uncertain future.

image of two men staring down each other.

Directed by Hugo Diego Garcia, FRANCE. 35 mins.


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