25th UNAFF Anniversary: Session 14

October 26 only

The 25th UNAFF (United Nations Association Film Festival) will be held from
October 20-30, 2022. This year’s theme REFLECTIONS continues our enduring
devotion to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
emphasizing our 25th Anniversary milestone.

Session 14

STREET REPORTER –  Sheila White dreams of becoming a photojournalist and escaping her life of homelessness. Yearning to make this change, she studies at a local university while completing homework late into the night at the women’s shelter. As a reporter at Street Sense newspaper, Sheila and her reporting partner, Reggie, cover the story of DC’s “Tent City.” Street Reporter is a deeply intimate, character-based film produced with community collaborators that provides a window into the power of community journalism in one woman’s life, casting a vision of the re-humanizing effects of life’s most basic need: a place to call home. Directed by Laura Waters Hinson, run time 27 min. 6:30PM

RICOCHET – Ricochet tells the story of the historic trial following the tragic incident at Pier 14 in San Francisco when a young woman named Kate Steinle was killed by the ricochet of a bullet accidentally fired by an undocumented immigrant, José Ines García Zaraté. The incident sparked a political and media firestorm – spearheaded by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump – that rattled the nation, exploited the tragedy of a family, and demonized an innocent man in the process. Against this backdrop, this film follows the ensuing trial. The defense is led by a team from the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office featuring Chief Attorney Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte, Managing Attorney of their Immigration Defense Unit. They must overcome not only the prosecution in this case, but also the court of public opinion warped by political agendas and false media narratives. Directed by Jeff Adachi, Chihiro Wimbush, run time 76 min. 7:10PM


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