2022 City Shorts Film Festival

The students, faculty and staff of the Cinema Department at City College of San Francisco and the Roxie Theater, proudly announce the 21st Annual City Shorts Student Film Festival, LIVE and in-person! Running for over 20 years, City Shorts continues to launch the next generation of artist’s careers!

City Shorts stands out as one of the most unique film festivals in the Bay Area showcasing work from one of the most prolific cinema production schools in San Francisco. The festival has screened early work by award-winning filmmakers such as Jim Granato, Joe Talbot (Last Black Man in San Francisco), Tina Takemoto (PhD, Experimental film and comedy improv), David Weisman, (Emmy-winning documentary maker), Sam Berliner (Seattle Film Fest), Amy Hicks, and Muayad Alayan (Palestinian films), to name just a few of our successful students working professionally in the film industry.

You are invited to experience the spirit of Bay Area independent filmmaking while raising funds for two vital institutions in San Francisco. The City College of San Francisco’s Cinema Department nurtures talented filmmakers from the ground up, with a curriculum that covers everything from film studies to advanced cinematography, experimental filmmaking and directing. CCSF student films have screened around the world after premiering at City Shorts. Students compete for prizes donated by BAVC, JCX Expendables, LittleGiant, MasterClass, San Francisco Cinematheque, BAMPFA, The Roxie and MORE, ensuring this is just the beginning of their film production career. Recipients of the John Carlson Experimental Filmmaking Scholarship, Dina Ciraulo Filmmaking Scholarship and Doug Punsalan Memorial Scholarship will be announced at the event.

We are pleased to announce this year’s jurors include City College Cinema Department Alumni Behrang Garakani (Columbia University)along with Joao Federici (MIXBrasil and Mill Valley Film Festival), Lex Sloan (Executive Director of the Roxie) and Michele McKenzie (Emmy® Award winning archival researcher and CCSF Media Librarian).




A troubled scientist builds a machine capable of fixing broken objects. (Narrative, 9 min. 55s)


Angry Alice 

Alice becomes agitated as her relaxing afternoon is so rudely interrupted by fellow park dwellers. (Narrative, 4 min 35s)


Swimming In It

A film of recovered footage from the filmmakers teenage years, depicting the fraught passage through the liminal space of feminine adolescence. This film examines the boundary between the performative and candid expression of its subject. (Experimental, 3 min 19s)

Living Colors 

A short documentary about Sally Fox, a pioneer in the field of organic farming and the developer of naturally colored cotton. (Documentary, 8min)

Walking in a Dream

It’s an autobiography about a Chinese girl who immigrated elsewhere with her parents going through the transition to adulthood. Poetry plays a critical part to help her overcome the difficulties of life. (Experimental, 2 min 35s)


Moon Man

Assignment for Advanced Cinematography and Lighting (Cine 74) night scene lit by moon and use of practical lights.(Narrative, 2 min 24s)


Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence examines how we as a species affect the world around us. (Experimental, 3 min 36s)


My Dad Gets a Smart Phone

A short film about my father getting a smart phone for the first time. (Documentary, 2 min)



Music Video for the song Searching by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. (Music Video, 4 min)


Greenway Freeway and Greenway Freeway short version

In the Portola District of San Francisco, a group of community members have transformed the area next to the CA-101 freeway from an unused CalTrans dump site to a community space during the height of the pandemic. Each individual community member blossomed in their own way throughout the process of revamping the greenway. They continue to expand on this project as a green freeway, envisioned not just as one city block city green space but as a meeting place linking an entire community. (Documentary, 7 min long version & 4:04 min short version)


Yellow Peril

A brief look at the history and recent resurgence of Asian Hate in America as seen through the eyes of a community leader and business owner in San Francisco’s Chinatown. (Documentary, 9 min 7s)


You’re the One 

The discovery of a wayward rubber duck brings friendship, fun — and danger. (Narrative, 8 min)


Dreamlike Fish

The main character sets off an eventful journey to meet fish she admired as a child. While planning the journey, the protagonist wanders at the crossroads of choice between her dream and philosophies. (Narrative, 5 min)


Collage of Stardust

A woman is illuminated by the light of a protector with an image of a rotating spiral galaxy. A narrator begins reading short phrases from poems and scientific textbooks about the connection between humans and the cosmos. Images from celestial objects are flashed in fast succession between longer shots that are close-ups of the woman dancing, smiling, and interacting with small props of celestial objects that matches with the narration. (Experimental, 2 min)


Play Date

A child plays in the ocean. (Hybrid, 5 min 30s)


Health and safety are our priority. Please read our health and safety protocols and precautions.



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