2019 SF Transgender Film Festival: PROGRAM 6

November 10 only

The Drum Tower

The first film in China where all the leading performers are trans, concerns the chance encounter of a student escaping from classes and a magical vintage clothing shop.

Directed by Popo Fan, 2018. 18 mins.

People Like Me

A film about autism acceptance told from the hands of nonspeaking autistic people.

Directed by Marrok Sedgwick, 2019.

Carving Space Follows the grassroots skateboarding organization, Unity and affiliated queer skate activists, including 2019 U.S.A. Olympic Skateboarding team member, Lacey Baker, as they provide spaces and voices to the often-overlooked queer community.

Directed by Annie Dean-Ganek, 2018.


RUN! is a mythography of nuclear technology, pesticides, and the question of transgender individuals fighting in the United State’s military. Filmed at the Trinity Site where the first atomic bomb was detonated, along the edges of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, at the abandoned Black Hole Museum of Nuclear Waste.

Directed by Malic Amalya, 2019. 13 mins.


This short film is a call to center Black Trans Womxn, protect and celebrate Black Trans Womxn. The Hands Off Trans Bodies Rally was held on May 24th, 2019, because 3 Black Transgender Womxn were murdered within 8 days of each other. What would it look like if Black Trans Womxn were allowed to thrive?

Directed by Seyi Adebanjo, 2019. 6 mins.


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