2019 SF Transgender Film Festival: PROGRAM 5

November 10 only


Who was Mark? We know Mark was a Husband, Father, Friend, Patient, and a Musician, despite limited scholarly writing about his life. Created through this absence, Mark is a cinematic, non-linear, historical fiction account of a Trans masculine musician who might have existed.

Directed by Sarah Hill, 2019. 50 mins.


Tender tells the story of three black trans women and their inextricable connections to San Francisco’s often maligned Tenderloin neighborhood and the tensions caused by San Francisco’s housing crisis.

Directed by Daryl Jones


A short-animated film about the emotional impact of homo- bi- and transphobia on young people, and how support and community can help us grow.

Directed by Linnéa Haviland, 2019. 2 mins.


A young couple heads home for the holidays to find themselves trapped at a family dinner where awkward tension boils into rage. Featuring Eve Lindley (Mr. Robot) and Malik Reed (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, A Case of Blue).

Directed by Nicholas Motyka, 2019. 9 mins.


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