2019 SF Transgender Film Festival: PROGRAM 4

November 09 only

Eat Rich

A comedy / horror film following a latinx trans woman, Rose, on her first day as a zombie when she must decide who to eat.

Directed by Ash Barker, Nevo Shinaar, and Molly Pease, 2019. 20 mins.


A dedicated boxer is forced to confront his sexuality after he begins training with and falling for a transgender woman.

Directed by Ilana Garcia-Mittleman, 2019. 13 mins.

To Be With You

Alex is in Los Angeles for 24 hours to reclaim their father’s ashes. Along the way, Alex finds an old love, a beauty in the city, and a final connection to the past.

Directed by Elliott Feliciano, 2019. 19 mins.

Get Off My Turf!

A short film about a trans woman who finds out that her neighbor is transphobic. It delves into some of the modern depictions of transphobia and explores friendship, solidarity and conflict between two very different women.

Directed by Fox Fisher, 2018. 9 mins.

Across, Beyond, and Over

A hybrid documentary about two trans men who used to date in middle school reconnecting over a long weekend to develop a film about their past. Through the pre-production process and writing exercises, they are forced to reconcile the differences in how they want to portray themselves, their relationship, and their trans identities.

Directed by Brit Fryer and Nona Schamus, 2019. 11 mins.

This is For Us

A choreographed visual film of resilience that centers Black Queer Femme radical joy and intimacy in between friend groups. cultivated magic between healing through tea, glitter, whiskey and a good belly laugh. Black Queer Femme’s have always known how to thrive despite ANY attempts to kill us. Lucille Clifton says: “Come celebrate with me that everyday/something has tried to kill me/and has failed.”

Directed by Shanel Edwards


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