2019 San Francisco Latino Film Festival

First show: September 20


Yuli September 20th @ 7:00pm

They Call Us Warriors September 20th @ 7:00pm

Journey To A Mother’s Room September 21st @ 3:00pm

Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire September 21st @ 4:30pm

Little Histories September 21st @ 5:00pm

José September 21st @ 7:00pm

Amigo Skate, Cuba September 22nd @ 2:15pm

Santa Lives In My Town September 22nd @ 4:00pm

Days of the Whale September 22nd @ 6:00pm

Bathroom Stalls and Parking Lots September 22nd @ 7:30pm

Divine Love September 23rd @ 6:00pm

Dead End September 24th @ 7:00pm

Decade of Fire September 25th @ 6:45pm

Doberman September 26th @ 7:00pm

Three Kids & a Dad (Papa X 3) September 26th @ 9:15pm




2019 San Francisco Latino Film Festival: Upcoming Showtimes