Accessibility at the Roxie

The Roxie Theater is dedicated to making movie-going comfortable and accessible for everyone! As a San Francisco Legacy Business constructed before ADA considerations were required by building code, we are limited in the improvements we can make. Nevertheless, we can offer these accommodations:

  • Prioritized service at the box office and concessions! Please let the Roxie staff know if you need assistance.
  • The Roxie is service dog-friendly at all times.
  • We are proud to have all gender neutral bathrooms.

The Roxie Theater has two screens – The Big Roxie (234 Seats) and the Little Roxie (47 Seats). The Big Roxie is our historic theater, built in 1909. The Little Roxie is our smaller theater two doors down but in the same building.


It is semi-easy to navigate the surrounding area. It is 1.5 blocks from the 16th St BART stop. The sidewalks are fairly smooth, and the curbs have cuts for easier mobility whether you’re on wheels or on foot. The challenge at the Roxie is the slope into the front doors which is on the steeper side. It is nice to have someone assist a person in a wheelchair getting up the slope but it can be navigated without assistance.


All ADA seats are marked with these blue signs:

We have two wheelchair accessible spots with reserved ADA companion spots next to them. The outside armrests of these two companion seats can be lifted up.

We have 4 other ADA accessible spots on the edge of the rows with more leg room.

These spots are located 1/3 way down our rows of seats in the middle on both aisle sides of the auditorium with very good views of the screen.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a scent-free seating area in either theater.


If you have questions about ADA seating please email [email protected]


BATHROOMS (Big Roxie Theater)

Unfortunately, our restrooms in the Big Roxie are not wheelchair friendly due to the age of the building, but there are two bathrooms in the Little Roxie theater that are fully ADA accessible. Any Roxie staff member or volunteer can show you where those are and escort you if needed. All bathrooms are gender neutral.


WHEELCHAIR & ADA SEATING (Little Roxie Theater)

We have two wheelchair accessible spots in the Little Roxie Theater. One ADA spot is in a larger seat with more leg room and a blue ADA sign, the other is a space for a wheelchair.



BATHROOMS (Little Roxie Theater) 

We have two gender neutral bathrooms that are wheelchair friendly and have rail bars.





The Big Roxie now has assistive listening and open captioning devices for those who need them. We have headsets that increase the volume of film audio, and with select screenings offer a descriptive audio track. We also have open captioning devices providing captions of film audio, available at select screenings. The receiver is attached to an angled flex-arm with a base and built-in cup holder that screws into the theater seat arm’s cup holder. The receiver has a screen which displays subtitles for the patron.

Starting October 2018, these devices will also be available in the Little Roxie. The headsets will be available for all Little Roxie screenings to increase the volume of film audio; the descriptive audio tracks will be available at select screenings. Likewise, the open captioning devices will only be available at select screenings.

If you’re curious about which screenings will have this technology available, look on our website or on the show time sign posted in the box office window for these icons:


Shows with these technologies available will be marked with these symbols by the ticket link at the bottom of each film page.

You can also call ahead to the theater and inquire: 415.4311.3611 for the main office (only during regular business hours) or 415.864.2767 for the box office.

If you would like to use one of these devices, speak to the box office manager, Little Roxie manager, or the house manager and they’ll check one out to you.

The installation of our Open Captioning devices would not have been possible without the support of a generous grant from GFTA’s Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund.

Please see section 9 for more information on the captioning rule:


Our goal is to make sure EVERYONE can enjoy the Roxie!

If you have questions, feedback, or special accessibility needs please email [email protected] or call the office 415 431 3611 during normal business hours M-F 10 – 6pm.


More info regarding our ticketing policy can be found at: