Roxie Virtual Cinema

What movie will reopen the Roxie? You tell us!

Of the thousands of titles you submitted in our poll last week, there were 14 clear favorites. Now we need you to choose 3 of from these final fourteen. Let Round 1 begin: Choose up to three movies (in order of preference) by Monday, April 26 at 5pm, and help us narrow it down to three finalists! The winner, the one you all will have chosen, we will play in our reopening weekend. And when is that, you may ask? All we are at liberty to say is “Coming Soon.” Stay tuned!

In a unique partnership with some of the most inventive film distributors that we work with, 50 % of each ticket purchased will go to support the Roxie, and help us return to our mission as a vibrant, community-centered non-profit cinema once this turbulent period is behind us. Read Roxie Virtual Cinema FAQs.




Using historical and cultural context, Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts brings the spirit and mystery of Traylor’s incomparable art to life. Making dramatic and surprising use of tap dance and evocative period music, the film balances archival photographs and footage, insightful perspectives from his descendents, and Traylor’s striking drawings and paintings to reveal one of America’s most prominent artists to a wide audience. Read More.

Runs April 19-26

detour dance‘s Tiny Dance Film Festival returns with a virtual slate of short dance films from around the world. From experimental performance art to dramatic narrative, there are films both for the connoisseur and the curious. The festival prioritizes works made by and for marginalized communities. The week includes several Q&As with the filmmakers and a special screening of detour dance’s The Nelken Line – an ambitious project to replicate Pina Bausch’s historic choreography with a gorgeous cast of local Bay Area drag artists and queer performers. Read more/Get tickets.

Starts April 16

Stellan Skarsgård & Bræin Hovig star as two artists living together in a large, blended family, whose relationship is put to the test when one gets a life-threatening diagnosis. “Bracing… this combination of intimate emotion and stoic detachment …plays right into Skarsgard’s wheelhouse…”. – Todd McCarthy. Read More.

Starts April 16

2021 Academy Award Nominee – Best International Feature Film 

Co-presented by the Arab Film and Media Institute

Sam Ali, a young, sensitive and impulsive Syrian, left his country for Lebanon to escape the war. To be able to travel to Europe and live with the love of his life, he accepts to have his back tattooed by one of the World’s most sulfurous contemporary artist. Turning his own body into a prestigious piece of art, Sam will however come to realize that his decision might actually mean anything but freedom. Read More.


The latest film by the Bhutanese director of the 1999 art house hit The Cup is a tale of spirituality in the modern world. A Tibetan businessman driven to open the finest coffee shop in Kathmandu is skeptical of his culture’s superstition and mysticism. But when he starts having troubling visions of his own death, a monk tells him to seek out a specific “dakini,” a feminine being who possesses vital energy. Cinematography by Mark Lee Ping-bin (In the Mood for Love). Read more.

Slalom title card

A riveting, Cannes-selected #MeToo drama follows the relationship between a teenage ski prodigy and her predatory instructor, played by frequent Dardenne brothers collaborator Jérémie Renier. “Perceptively performed and deeply enraging.”- The Guardian. $12/$10 for members. Read more.

Title card for the movie maɬni – towards the ocean, towards the shore

Sky Hopinka’s poetic debut feature follows Sweetwater Sahme and Jordan Mercier as they wander through their surrounding nature in the Pacific Northwest, contemplating their contrasting viewpoints on the afterlife, rebirth, and the place in-between. Spoken mostly in the Chinuk Wawa language. “Rapturous. Feels like a richly woven ghost story.” – Ela Bittencourt, Hyperallergic. Read more.

Starts April 2

This year the Roxie will be opening all three categories of Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Animated, Live Action and Documentary, on April 2nd.

Animated Short Films

Live Action Short Films

Documentary Short Films


Nominated for 6 Academy awards! This 2020 Sundance Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award Winner is a tender and sweeping story following a Korean-American family that moves to an Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. “Among the very best movies of 2020” – Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap.

An 80-year-old Mosotho widow is preparing for the end by arranging her own funeral & bidding farewell to worldly affairs. However, her homeland is being flooded for a reservoir, and the residents resettled, leaving the ancestral graves forever submerged. “It sighs & shivers & sometimes screams with rage & pent-up poetry.”- Guy Lodge. $12/$10 for members. Read more.

PERFUMES title card

Anne Walberg is a master in perfumes. She creates fragrances and sells her incredible gift to many companies. She is a diva, selfish and temperamental. Guillaume is her new driver and the only one who dares facing her. This is probably why she does not fire him. $12/$10 for members. Read More.

Title card for Wojnarowicz: F**k You F*ggot F**ker

A fiery & urgent documentary portrait of New York City artist, writer, photographer & AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz, who weaponized his work & waged war against the establishment’s indifference to the plague. “Succeeds in capturing the gritty, glorious chaos of the artist’s life & work… a symphony of noise & image, a cacophonous rebuttal to white cube sterility,” – Hyperallergic. Read more.