2021 Tiny Dance Film Festival

A man dances in the sitting room of a house.


detour dance‘s Tiny Dance Film Festival returns with a virtual slate of short dance films from around the world. From experimental performance art to dramatic narrative, there are films both for the connoisseur and the curious. The festival prioritizes works made by and for marginalized communities.

Access: All programs are closed-captioned for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing audiences.

The week includes a special free screening of detour dance’s The Nelken Line – an ambitious project to replicate Pina Bausch’s historic choreography with a gorgeous cast of local Bay Area drag artists and queer performers.

A detailed description of the films can be found at detourdance.com/tdff

A group of people laughing and having a nice time, on the floor of a geodesic dome.

“This is For Us” by Shanel Edwards

Program 1:

Note: There is a strobe effect in this program, which runs for about a minute from 18:40-19:43.

THIS IS FOR US by Shanel Edwards
Do you want a summer romance? by Marissa Brown
Kaddume by Álvaro José Peña
The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time by Vincent René-Lortie
Pukka by Afia Thompson
We are all on the same bus by Nuno Serrão
If Cities Could Dance: Oakland Turfing by Yoram Savion
Alice in Nite Hawk by Devin Fei-Fan Tau
E T A by Talia Shea Levin
The Dreamer by Manjula Varghese
Kota by Larkin Poynton

“Work in Place” by Sophia Wang (Credit: Lisa Rybovich Crallé)

Program 2: 

Note: There are quickly changing lights in this program, which runs for about a minute from 17:50-18:50. “About Face” contains references to police brutality and the sounds of gunshots.

Reap Love – Inefficient by Clementine Nirennold
Soup by Corina Andrian (Red-Cor)
Work in Place by Sophia Wang
About Face by Yoram Savion, poetry and narration by Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Adverbs by Annie Zeng
Alta by Antti Ahokoivu
SeaLegs by Sarah Wilcoxon + Quinlan Orear
Imagined Escape by Lauren Bedal
we sleep no more by Carina Ho
Traces by Alex Murrull

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A person wearing a crown stands before some trees at dusk.


Program 3:

The Nelken Line by Detour Dance

This program includes a special free screening of Detour Dance’s The Nelken Line followed by a Q+A. The panel features a few of the collaborating artists: Eric Garcia (director), Glamputee (performer), Bhumi B. Patel (performer), Grace Towers (performer), Rihanna Wintour (performer), and Deuce Lee / Melissa Lewis (performer).

The Nelken Line is an excerpted dance from Pina Bausch’s 1982 work Nelken. Four simple gestures — set to West End Blues by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five — evoke the changing of the seasons. Detour Dance’s film rendition features a gorgeous 26-person cast of local Bay Area drag artists and queer performers.

Directed by Eric Garcia

Choreography by Pina Bausch

Cinematography by Peggy Peralta

Cast: Mizz Ellemenohpee Q. Aresteeyuvee, Elizabeth Castaneda, Melissa Castaneda, Glamputee, Gold, Natalie Greene, Major Hammy, JanpiStar, Buka Kay!, Krimm, Ana Leash, Deuce Lee / Melissa Lewis, Jota Mercury, Mira, Wiley Naman Strasser, Rahni NothingMORE., Bhumi B. Patel, pretty plz, Leigh Rondon-Davis, Trixie Salope, Black Betty Towers, Grace Towers, Paige Turner, Vera, Hennessy Williams, Rihanna Wintour.

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$5-$20 suggested donation
All proceeds benefit the filmmakers and the Roxie Theater


Film still at the top of the page from “About Face” directed by Yoram Savion