June 17, 2020

“A meditative banquet of ideas… a fascinating cinematic language that interrogates itself.”
— LA Times

Profile of a young woman of Filipino descent starring pensively.

Starts Friday, June 26, 2020

From the Academy Award–winning producer of American Factory, Feast of the Epiphany is a singular cinematic experience about the mysterious magic of human collaboration. On a weekend day like any other, the simple meal a young woman prepares for friends takes on unexpected significance. Revelry turns to meditations on mortality, and the tiniest, hard-won gesture of goodness comes from an unexpected party. Night turns to day, and the film takes viewers somewhere else entirely. Connecting interior portraits and exterior landscapes, grief and renewal, the city and the countryside, the imaginary and the actual, Feast of the Epiphany is a reminder that the fictions we create for ourselves are often made visible by invisible realities.

A film by Michael Koresky, Jeff Reichert & Farihah Zaman. 2020. 80 mins.

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