poster for the New York Dog Film Festival

Starts December 4!

[There is no nudity, sexual reference, vulgar language or physical or verbal abuse between people – and no animals were harmed – in these films. Any tears you might shed would be tears of joy for happy endings. The films can be watched by all members of the family, but is intended for adults and more mature children.)

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NO HOME WITHOUT YOU (4 min) Amy Rivard’s “visual poem” about the unconditional love and magic that dogs bring to our lives.
LADY B’s FIRST WINTER: Puppy to Avalanche Dog (23 min) Scott Ransom’s documentary about raising a puppy to be an avalanche rescue dog, filmed in the gorgeous Telluride mountains.
FINDING SHELTER (30 min) Erin Parks’ documentary follows a British family that moves to Bulgaria, where they are so moved by the plight of homeless dogs and cats that they open the first (and therefore controversial) local animal shelter and adopt out dogs internationally.
DOGS PLAYING FOR LIFE: The Playgroup Change (4 min) Tucker Eurman shows the mutual transformation of shelter dogs and their handlers when Dogs Playing for Life liberates the dogs from their cages into outdoor playgroups.
PUREBRED LOVE (19 min) Laura O’Grady follows three purebred dog breeders, their passion for their dogs, and the quirky world of dog showing.
IT TAKES AN ISLAND: Saving the Aruba Cunucu Street Dog (15 min) Michael Bulda’s documentary about the determined volunteers working against difficult odds on behalf of the unfortunate street dogs trying to survive on this otherwise beautiful island.
ESCAMOL(4 min) Silvia Santoyo’s narrative from the point of view of Escamol, a rescued dog who feels left out when his adopter brings home more dogs.
FROM SHELTER TO MOUNTAINS (1 min) Evan Curtis shows us the life change for a shelter dog who gets adopted into an idyllic outdoor life.

● Program is subject to change without notice.

Total Running Time: 91 min.

A percentage of the proceeds go to benefit:
Muttville rescues dogs from all over California and beyond. At Muttville, they get medical care, grooming, and life in a loving foster home while they wait for the perfect adopter.

Price: $12

Rental Period: 7 days

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