Member’s Choice

March 28, 2017

The Roxie invites Angel-level members to program the Roxie! The Member’s Choice option allows Angel-level members to program a public screening of their choice in lieu of a private screening. Sound too good to be true? It’s for real, but there are a few catches.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Roxie will inquire as to the availability and cost of licensing for your preferred Member’s Choice titles. The Roxie can not guarantee that specific titles are available to license for public performances, nor can the Roxie guarantee whether a title will be available in a specific format.
  • The combination of upfront licensing costs plus estimated media and shipping costs for the screening cannot exceed $500.
  • The Roxie will research availability and terms for up to 5 titles for the Member’s Choice screening after an Angel membership is purchased; in the unlikely event none of the titles are available, a private screening would still be available.
  • Member’s Choice screenings take place in the Big Roxie at a mutually agreed-upon date and time, excluding Friday or Saturday evening engagements. The Roxie generally books 2-3 months in advance – “last minute” bookings are not available.
  • The Roxie will provide complimentary admission for 25 friends or associates of the Angel member, but will keep box office and concessions revenue from other theatergoers.
  • The public screening will be advertised as a Member’s Choice screening on the Roxie’s site and on social media. The member has the option of being mentioned by name or being anonymous.

Thanks for considering an Angel-level membership, and we hope you enjoy your Member’s Choice!