I Wake Up Dreaming 2014


You may find yourself having breakfast with noir programmer Elliot Lavine, or suddenly the owner of an amazing piece of film noir history, or even hosting your very own night of noir at the Roxie for up to 50 of your closest friends!

Choose your level of support from the four donation packages below:


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The Monogram     For $150 you will receive ONE I WAKE UP DREAMING festival pass, good for any and all thirty films in the series (worth over $100 alone) PLUS an unsigned Mark Stock poster (20” x 30”)

The Double Feature
For $250 you will receive TWO I WAKE UP DREAMING 2014 festival passes, an unsigned Mark Stock poster, PLUS a genuine vintage 1992 Roxie film noir festival poster (25” x 36”).

The Big Heat
For $500 you will receive FOUR I WAKE UP DREAMING 2014 festival passes, an unsigned Mark Stock poster, the vintage 1992 film noir poster, PLUS a one-on-one breakfast with Elliot Lavine where he will answer any and all questions you may have about film noir (or anything else movie related!).
All Through The Night
For $1,000 you will receive SIX  I WAKE UP DREAMING 2014  festival passes, ONE SIGNED Mark Stock poster (supply of these bona fide collector’s items is incredibly limited; there are literally only about ten of them remaining. They were the last artistic act Mark undertook – he signed them the night of March 26, no more than an hour before he passed away): PLUS your own PRIVATE EVENT at the Little Roxie for your own personal film noir screening for up to as many as 50 of your closest friends! Elliot Lavine will present one of his favorite rare noirs and will introduce the show!

Or, buy a ROXIE MEMBERSHIP and get all-access to I Wake Up Dreaming 2014, and all Roxie produced shows, plus free popcorn!