NIPPON NIGHTS is a monthly series of Japanese cinema bridging different genres, styles and generations.

The 3rd season of NIPPON NIGHTS’ lineup

Nippon Nights #7 : Tuesday, March 17th, 7:00pm-

1960s metaphysical thriller, BRANDED TO KILL by Seijun Suzuki 

Nippon Nights #8: Thursday, April 16th, 7:00pm-

One of the pioneering films of anime history, GHOST IN THE SHELL by Mamoru Oshii

Nippon Nights #9: Wednesday, May 13th, 7:00pm-

New style documentary of  didgeridoo performer, GOMA, who has higher brain dysfunction as the result of an expressway accident: FLASHBACK MEMORIES by Tetsuaki Matsue



1st season: July to August, 2014

2nd season: October to December, 2014

3rd season: March to May, 2015

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December 2014

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