roxie-pin-newThank you for your interest in supporting the Roxie Theater!

As a special premium for donors this year, we have an amazing new limited-edition Roxie enamel pin from PSA Press for donors who give a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more. Pins are around 1.25″ in size. For donors who give $50 or more, you’ll get both a Roxie tote bag and the pin, and donors who give $100 will receive a pin, our tote bag and a Roxie T-shirt!

(Limit 1 pin per donor. Theater pick-up only! )

Not only have we had an exciting year of films, festivals and special events, but we’ve also been working tirelessly to improve the theater in every way we can. Over the past year, your donations have helped make possible:

  • An exciting new programmatic strategy, complete with new print calendars
  • The introduction of RoxCine, our Spanish-language film series
  • New festival partners like SF International and CAAM
  • New projection equipment and DCP support in the Little Roxie for a brighter, sharper picture
  • Dolby-calibrated digital surround sound in the Big Roxie
  • New energy-saving LED lights and lighting improvements in many areas
  • Online improvements to our membership program
  • The Roxie is now an official San Francisco Legacy Business!
  • A 40% increase in our total audience size over last year

We’re also proud to have been able to stabilize the Roxie’s finances and fully pay down our debt, putting us in a better position for tomorrow than ever before.

But we still need your help! There is so much more that we need to do to both improve the theater and to ensure that the Roxie can continue to operate after our lease expires in 2018.

Your donation will help us with several projects:

  • Renegotiating our lease or otherwise taking control of our space
  • Replacing our side exit doors with soundproof doors
  • Improving the maintenance and upkeep of our seats
  • Making further improvements to the lighting in our main auditorium

Because the Roxie is a 501(c)(3), your gift to us will be fully tax-deductible. Please support us this giving season by clicking on the link below to help us make our year-end goals, improve the Roxie, and keep our prices low.